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From a local start in 2004 to a global presence in 2019, read the Stonz story.


Lisa will launched Stonz in 2004 in Vancouver, BC


Stonz was launched in 2004 by Lisa Will after she discovered a need for simple yet functional outdoor gear designed specifically for kids. As a lover of the outdoors, Lisa would frequently take her infant son on hikes using a backpack carrier. Lisa found that her son was managing to kick off every type of footwear she tried, leaving his feet exposed to the cold. Knowing others would find the same challenge, a solution was required. The Bootie was born…and so was Stonz! We created an easy-to-use, high-quality product that stayed on infant's feet. Initially working out of her basement and garage, Lisa worked with sewers to produce the Stonz Bootie and began selling it locally.

Over the years, Lisa made thoughtful additions to the product line based on customer feedback and her own experience and needs while raising two children. With the goal in mind of keeping kids outside longer, comfortable and protected, Stonz now offers a variety of footwear, accessories, and apparel sold in over 16 countries.

Details on how Lisa Will started Stonz Wear in Vancouver, Canada