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Stonz’s identity is rooted in the idea that we have a whole world of nature right in our backyard and so many adventures to explore – hiking beautiful mountains, strolling around city parks or even running errands in a concrete jungle. Stonz makes it easy for kids to play outside safely, in any situation. We make sure that every product we create serves a purpose and solves a problem. We took care of these points so you and your little ones can get lost in their own magical worlds filled with enchanted spells, secret missions and treasure hunts during any season of the year. Maybe you can even time travel and re-explore the mythical worlds from your own childhood.

As much as we love to experience the outdoors by ourselves, we want our children to experience it along with us. Ultimately, your kids’ imagination and youth should never be compromised, and we’re going to do whatever we can to help make that happen.   


Lisa will launched Stonz in 2004 in Vancouver, BC



Our story starts in 2004 with our CEO and Founder, Lisa Will, and her dream that her kids could play outdoors everyday, regardless of the weather. As a lover of the outdoors, Lisa would frequently bring her infant son on adventures with her, but his footwear would always fall off, leaving his feet cold. After searching the market and unable to find anything that worked, Lisa decided to put her dream in action.  

Initially working out of her own basement and garage, Lisa produced the Stonz Bootie and began selling it locally in Vancouver, Canada. Over the years, we added thoughtful new products to our line, expanded our amazing team, and are now selling internationally in over 16 countries! As a trusted brand of over 15 years, our story will continue as we keep Lisa’s dream alive.

Lisa will launched Stonz in 2004 in Vancouver, BC


Stonz is the only company that designs specifically for kids, and the only children’s company to have a podiatric certification from the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) for supporting healthy, developing feet. Every Stonz product has its own purpose. We think of everything from a child’s perspective – instead of shrinking adult-sized products to smaller sizes, our team puts careful thought into each product’s shape, form and how they move with each child.


We at Stonz are constantly thinking of solutions so you can enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. Our commitment to innovation and getting kids outside for longer have helped us win several awards over the years.